Privileges to Donors

Lists of major donors (Rs. 1 lakh and above) and life members (Rs.10,000 and above) of Shree Jagannath Trust and Shree Jagannath Temple Trust as on 31-01-2019 appear elsewhere in this issue. We have tried our best to prepare the lists correctly from the available records like receipts, bank statements and old records. It is

still possible that few names could be missing from from the list or appear incorrectly. Devotees are requested to bring such instances to the notice of the Manager at the of”ice of the Trust along with

supporting evidence to enable us to incorporate required changes or additions in our next issue. Nevertheless, any such inadvertence on our part is sincerely regretted.

Major donors, life members and devotees are

requested to strengthen the inancial base of the Trust by continuing to contribute and also enlisting members from their families, friends and relatives as life members/major donors of the trust.



As a life member, you are entitled to Puja to be performed at the Temple in your name on the day of your choice once in a year irrespective of whether you are physically present at the Temple on that day or not. You will be informed of the date of Puja well in advance by the Manager by SMS/Phone and your name would also appear on the notice board of the Temple. You will be entitled to free Prasad Sevan for Two Members of your family.

You can become a Major Donor (Parton) by making a contribution of Rs. 1 lakhs and above. In addition to the privileges of life members, your

name will appear as a patron on Marble/Granite plaque inside the temple precincts.

Those contributing Rs. 5 lakhs and above will be listed as Founder Partons. The Founder Partons in additions to all the privileges of life member and major donor will have the opportunity of getting a section of the temple named after a person of their choice .

Donors are requested to contribute by way of account payee cheques/drafts drawn in favour of SHREE JAGANNATH TEMPLE TRUST, BENGALURU.