Message Managing Trustee

Dear Devotees,

At the outset,I thank the Trustees for reposing in me their con idence by nominating me as the of iciating Managing Trustee of the Trust.I promise the Trustees in particular and the devotees in general that I would carry out my responsibilities as the leader of the Trust with the highest degree of integrity,commitment and diligence.My priority would be to ensure discipline in administration and completion of the balance portion of work on the Temple in quick time with the wholehearted cooperation and assistance of the Trustees.At the sametime,on behalf of the Trust,I record with gratitude ,the contribution of Shri Sushant Mahapatra to the Temple during his tenure as Managing Trustee of the Trust.

I am privileged to present before you the audited inancial statements of Shree Jagannath Temple Trust for the year 2017-18 along with the relevant schedules and auditor’s quali ications. I will be grateful if you spare sometime to go through the audited accounts and give me the bene it of your valued views and suggestions to enable us to further improve our operations and take corrective measures where required.
Review of the audited Income and Expenditure account:

Income: During the year 2017-18,the Trust’s total income worked out to Rs.67.90 lakhs at which level it shows an increase of 8% over the previous year’s income of Rs.62.65lakhs.Of the four principal income sources, collections from Hundi showed an unprecedented growth from Rs.6.91 lakhs in 2016-17 to Rs.14.55 lakhs followed by collections from Puja seva from Rs.9.46 lakhs to Rs.12.91 lakhs during this period .The alarming decline in donations -the lifeline for the Temple from Rs.15.26 lakhs in 2016-17 to Rs.8.74 lakhs this year has been a cause of concern for us.The position is shown below:
Source 2016-17(in lakhs) 2017-18(in Lakhs) variance
1.Donations 15.26 8.74 -42%
2.Puja Seva 9.46 12.91 +36%
3.Prasad Sevan 30.86 31.66 +2.64%
4.Hundi 6.91 14.55 +110%
Unless this declining trend in donations is arrested and quickly at that ,the ongoing capital works as well as future works could seriously be affected. Donations accrue to the trust from across the counter on walk-in-basis from devotees and bulk funds from high networth devotees and institutions.We have to strengthen our efforts at mobilising funds from institutions and high networth individuals and bring back this channel of income ,a major source of income , on the growth path to strengthen our corpus as in the past. As you will agree, dependence on the vagaries of only walk-in-funds and ignoring effort-elastic bulk funds will only be at our peril.

What shocks us about this disquietening trend under walk-in-donations category is that the decline has been the sharpest this year ironically after we introduced swiping system to encourage cashless transactions and improve income. Income from prasad sevan at Rs. 31.65 lalkhs shows a marginal increase of Rs.80,000 over the previous year’s collection. I invite suggestions from you for improving this important service to devotees and also one of the sources of income to the Trust .Again though volume- wise there is a marginal increase during the year,the yield to the trust has come down to 18.70 percent .The standard yield is 22% ( @Rs.20 per person ).The reasons for this decline is attributed to lowering of the margin(yield to the trust) on some festive days and special occasions this year. It has caused an erosion in income to the Trust to the extent of about Rs.1 lakh’.


Expenditure :

The year 2017-18 saw steep increase in food bill from Rs.2.70 lakhs to Rs.4.47 lakhs owing to introduction of additional allowance of Rs.2000 per month for priests. Expenses on Rath Yatra showed a steep increase from Rs.3.85 lakhs in 2016-17 to Rs.4.55 lakhs in 2017-18,Temple administration from Rs.4.52 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs, Bank charges from Rs.12094 to Rs.39748and miscellaneous expenses from rs.41298 to Rs.241742.Allowing for some overlapping in classi ication of expenses under rituals and miscellaneous head, the overall increase in revenue expenditure stood at 19 % over the previous year-a matter of serious concern for us .We have taken up with our Bank regarding the exorbitant charges levied on collections received from swiping transactions .

The only heads which showed signi‰icant decline are (a) Durga Puja -from Rs.1.93 lakhs to Rs. 1.50 lakhs, (b)Salary from Rs.324200 to Rs.263510(c)telephone from Rs.9770 to Rs.2358, and (d) and stationery from Rs.68636 to Rs.33379,

The time-honoured principle that expenditure saved is income generated appears to have been given an unfortunate skip .All the revenue expenses as appearing in the audited accounts are controllable items and I have been always emphasising on the need for a more discreet and restrained approach to incurring expenses on any head.

However, both under the Income and Expenditure heads,the year 2018-19 started on a bright note.
On the income side, trust has mobilised close to Rs.5 lakhs( till the end of October 2018 ) from Institutions and high networth devotees. At this rate we may end up this year with an income of about Rs.10 lakhs under this category. Expenditure on Rath Yatra in 2018-19 also shows almost Rs.1 lakh decline over the year under review.

Expenses on other revenue heads also show signi‰icant decline in 2018-19 owing to a continuous and close control almost on a daily basis.

Other developments :During the year under review,laying of granite on the parikrama area and 22 steps is complete.. Concretisation of ground loor,waterprooing,installation of the temple of Lord Shiva ,construction of an exclusive platform for Snana Purnima ritual are some of the other major works completed during the year.

To make our Temple a plastic-free zone,we have invited a group of volunteers led by Sri Vasuki Iyenger for educating our operating sta and priests in this area.They have also come forward for installing garbage collection mechanism ,segregation of garbage into dry and wet categories in tandem with the mandatory requirement of the Government with emphasis on ensuring cleanliness of the ambience. I request devotees to o er workable suggestions to ensure cleanliness of the Temple surroundings on a regular basis.We are proposing outsourcing cleaning of the premises to a professional agency after examining its cost-e ectiveness.

I may mention here that the Construction committee has received quotations for construction of of ice room,bath room and a separate conference room.The looring work on the ground loor is also being taken up on prioity and I express my gratitude to our valued patron Shri Shanker Reddy for assisting us in this regard.We have decided to complete ixing of doors immediately after completion of the looring work.

That would leave us with the refurbishing of dining hall,kitchen,construction of a library room and guest accommodation and shifting of Navagraha Temple.We also plan to construct a separate Temple for Laxmi Nrusingha swamy at the far corner of the parikrama area on the southern side.I once again request our devotees for recommending qualiƒied and experienced vendors known to them to enable the Construction committee to expedite these works.It may be mentioned here that we have been inding it dif‹icult to ind competent vendors to undertake these works in view pf the low quantum of payments involved.This is the principal reason for delay in completion of the remaining portion of work on the Temple.


I am delighted to note that the Temple is attracting groups of devotees in large numbers especially from the banking and other institutions on a regular basis for informal gathering of their families and of course for paying obeisance to the Lord and partaking of Prasad sevan.

The honourable Minister for Petroleum Shri Dharmendra Pradhan accompanied by the honourable M.L.A. Shri Satish Reddy and the local councillor Shri Gurumurthy Redddy visited the Temple recently and met the Trustees and also assured us of inancial assistance for completion of the structure.The honourable Minister honoured his promise by contributing Rs. 5 lakhs to our Trust recently. Our heartfelt gratitude to him and we pray for his success ,prosperity and continued service to the nation for many more years !

Shri Subhash Chandra Khuntia-retd Chief Secretary,Govt.of Karnataka released a book containing Jananas(poems in praise of Lord Jagannath) composed by our Trustee Dr.S.K.Sarangi. This is the irst ever religious publication published by the Trust albeit on a modest scale. For the irst time ever we held a meeting of Life members of the Trust and had useful interaction with them. Among other dignitaries who visited the Temple,I may mention here the visit by Shri L.K.Dash,Director of Postal services .He met the Trustees and was all praise for the way the Temple is shaping up as a magni‰icent structure in Karnataka.
The Trust successfully celebrated major festivals like Rath Yatra,Durga Puja ,Saraswati Puja,sabitri
Amavasya and Laxmi Puja this year as in the past with the participation of thousands of enthusiastic


I am grateful to the devotees who visit the Temple on a regular basis and in large numbers on festive occasions and contribute liberally to strengthen our corpus. My gratitude to the life members ,major donors,Trustees and volunteers who assist in conducting the major festivals smoothly and also render their sel‡less service in supervising prasad sevan and other rituals.My special thanks to the Police and Traf ic personnel for their assistance in controlling crowd during Rath Yatra festival .

I am thankful to the auditors Shri A.C.Sahu and his team for conducting the audit work smoothly and presenting the audited accounts well in time .

May Lord Jagannath shower his blessings on you all for peace ,prosperity ,health and happiness.

Jai Jagannath !
At the Lotus Feet of Lord Jagannath


Managing Trustee.(O tg.)